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Tamara Ellison is a Professional Development and Business strategist, and “mindset shift” expert. With a strong background in business consulting and leadership development, she honed subspecialties in both Performance Management and Personal Growth. She currently focuses most on educating Clients and assisting them to implement new practices and business models based upon outcomes they affect, advancing them beyond the conventional methods of developing a team or starting a business.


What she does best—differently from others—is energize people while she shows them how to tackle the more challenging aspects of the job. She clarifies the complicated. She sheds new light and instills confidence. She sets you up to make big progress possible.

Tamara is recognized for her original ideas and success with practical implementation. Some honors:

  • Nominated Woman of the Year by CA Legislature Assembly

  • 2018 Woman of Influence by Voyage LA Magazine


Tamara's in-depth knowledge of corporate operations and sharp observation skills allow her to grasp an organization’s nuances quickly. She then guides the organization's leaders and their teams toward increased business, improved customer interactions, smoother operations, and stronger cultures.

Since 2014, she’s helped more than 40 organizations grow and become more profitable.


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