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A true leader is willing to invest and sharpen their skills.

Leading Women
in Business

Tamara is recognized for her original ideas and success with practical implementation.


Some honors she has received:

  • Nominated Woman of the Year by CA Legislature Assembly

  • 2018 Woman of Influence by Voyage LA Magazine


Tamara's in-depth knowledge of corporate operations and sharp observation skills allow her to grasp an organization’s nuances quickly. She then guides the organization's leaders and their teams toward increased business, improved customer interactions, smoother operations, and stronger cultures.

Get in touch with Tamara to discuss you or your organization's specific needs, or 




  • Prophetic insight for businesses and life strategies

    1 hr
    350 US dollars
  • Seer+Dream Intensive Course

    180 US dollars
  • Take back control of your life & add balance to your schedule.

    150 US dollars
  • Help, I want to start a business or ministry.

    1 hr
    350 US dollars
  • Life Transformation Coaching

    1 hr
    125 US dollars
  • BUILD the Business Master Blueprint

    3 hr
    950 US dollars
  • Start your business today!

    45 min
    199 US dollars
  • Join a community of Prophetic Gift + Seers

    45 min
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