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Training in the prophetic  was amazing! I felt  at ease asking questions. The information was very enlightening and I was able to relate to the material taught in a very practical and easy way. I was completely blown away that I could sit in a teaching and get so many questions answered concerning things I’ve experienced most of my life and never fully understood. It was like adding missing pieces to a puzzle. The class encouraged engagement between Tamara as well as the other students which encourages community and I love that. I felt it was a very pivotal point in my journey because I received answers I’ve been longing for at least half of my life. Thank you Tamara!

Michelle Eaves / Fort Worth,TX 

Tamara's Reset Mentorship changed my life! It helped me utilizing my time wisely under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to reach my God given goals.Learning how to reset and prioritize my work, ministry, and personal goals gave me my life back. I was able to set a daily schedule to follow with reasonable start and stop times. Thank you Tamara!

Marshun Deane, COO of BC Health Center, Inc.

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About Me!

Hello! Thank you for checking out my About Me page. I am so glad you want to get to know me a little better. Before we get into the boring stuff, let's have some fun! So here's a little info about me that I am sure you're dying to know.  I love spy and karate movies; Mission Impossible is my favorite. I'm a super nerd (and proud of it) I love reading books and watching historical documentaries.


I married my knight and shining armor, Winston Ellison.  I adore him; he even lets me practice my karate moves on him (what a sweetheart)! One of my most significant accomplishments is not the recognition from Congress, and other government and local organization for my work towards women advancement in business and girl empowerment efforts, it's being a mom to my four brilliant children.

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